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UNLEASHED Creates Desire For More!

The girls now have the opportunity to further develop the material from UNLEASHED, as well as create new dance choreography, write new script and song material, inviting even more creative generosity in the Advanced Performance Lab.

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Unleashed at J Dog Recording Studio
Unleashed CD party

The Recording Sessions

The Advanced Lab begins with participants spending one to two days in a professional recording studio as they create a CD of all the Music from UNLEASHED. This experience is phenomenally educational and very fun!

The Advanced students have the possibility to return to the recording studio to record the new material written and performed in UNSTOPPABLE.

Performing & Touring

The girls have the option to continue to perform on tour at schools and organizations in the Bay Area following our Sonoma performances.

The tour stops include the full performance, conversation and a mini-Unleashed Lab with selected girls/boys from each location. The UNLEASHED CD’s will also be sold or donated at each touring location.

Unstoppable Performance Ensemble
Annette Lee at the Piano of J Dog Studio

Facilitator Training

After completing the Advanced Performance Lab, the UNSTOPPABLE girls have the opportunity to co-facilitate all future Labs with Cat.  They will learn to teach and facilitate the creative groups, how to encourage and inspire others to tell their truth through performing arts.  The girls are particularly effective in calling out the creativity of their peers.

No One Turned Away

THE PASSAGE PROJECT Flock of Angels make it possible for all teen performers to be accepted into the company. We believe that no one should ever be turned away from an opportunity for self-expression, due to financial hardship.

You can be a Passage Project Angel

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Ivy O'Donnell at the Baby Grand of J Dog Recording Studio