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5 Girls • 5 Weeks • 5 Shows

Credits-Photo: Jsanborn Photography Location Courtesy of Bump Wine Cellars and Sonoma Conservatory of Dance 

UNLEASHED Performance Lab PILOT 2016

Cat Austin plans and designs a limited enrollment 5 week Performance Lab for teen girls, age 14-17.  The Lab carefully focuses on the expression of the power of adolescence, as witnessed through their eyes and hearts.  Featuring amazing, multi-talented teen artists.

The Process

We delve into feelings expressed and questions raised by their unique teen voices.  Within the 5 weeks the girls wrote songs, monologues and scenes giving voice to the “characters that live with them,” guided by facilitator Cat.  Each teen is able to openly express the aspects of her self that might have been hitherto hidden, or known only to a few. They find that their expression of these parts help them to see themselves more clearly and accurately.  They begin to realize and understand that revealing parts of themselves as characters could/would help others with the same struggles.

The Passage Project in Rehearsal at Sonoma Conservatory of Dance
The Passage Project Dress Rehearsal

 The Theme – Generosity

Cat introduced a possible overarching theme for the all-original show – “Light Your Own Candle” based on the idea that one’s flame never grows dimmer by also generously lighting another’s candle. It seemed to resonate deeply for the girls.  They then collaborated with Cat to write the music, lyrics, and harmonies for the show’s anthem, “Candle”.  From there the show grew along this thematic line of generosity, as the crafted all the other songs and scenes in the show.

Master Classes

UNLEASHED included professional Master Classes taught by highly esteemed guest instructors in Songwriting, Dance, Stage Movement, Yoga and Breath Work as well as Master Classes from Cat in monologue and scene writing and How to Create Powerful Stage Presence.

Maya Wiggs Performing Monologue
The Birth Of Unleashed

2016 UNLEASHED Pilot Goes Public

There were 5 public performances. Every show was treated as a learning ground for the girls for dealing with different types of audiences, performance anxiety, recovering from any stumbles in their performance.

They also learned how to maintain the energy and life of the performance throughout the run of 5 shows. Authenticity and vulnerability is not easy to maintain when repeating a show on stage. The show must change and grow while maintaining the truth that came through in the inception of the writings.

Stimulating Conversation

Each performance lasted 1 hour, followed by an “UNLEASHED Conversation with the Audience” between the performers, director and the audience.

The audience eagerly asked questions about the process and how it has affected them.  All agreed that the “Conversation with Audience” should be an integral part of every show.

After experiencing this fascinating aspect of the performance, the girls felt compelled and eager to continue the development of this material and requested the Advanced Lab – UNSTOPPABLE.

Stimulating Conversation with audience after 1st dress rehearsal
John Simon J Dog Studio

John Simon – J Dog Studio

Advanced Performance Lab

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