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The Passage Project Brainstorming Begins

The Passage Project

Our mission is dedicated to providing a safe environment where teens recognize and demonstrate their unique abilities and gifts. We call teens to high purposeful performing arts expression.

You Are Not Alone   Providing a safe, nurturing, dynamic theatrical experience where teens discover they are not alone.

Accept, Share, Encourage   Creating healing through accepting, sharing and encouraging unedited authentic expression.

Express Emotions   Performing their original music and original scripts for live audiences.

Change Lives   Changing lives through the power of live performance, followed by an intimate conversation between performers, director and audience.

“If you treat an individual as he/she is, he will remain how he is.
But if you treat him/her as if she were what she ought to be and could be, she will become what she ought to be and could be.”

— Goethe  1749-1832

The Passage Project Performance

The Birth of UNLEASHED

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